Storm Kathleen: Dozens of flights cancelled following weather alert

Storm Kathleen: Dozens of flights cancelled following weather alert

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Storm Kathleen is making quite the entrance, bringing fierce winds and possibly the warmest day of the year! The Met Office issued a yellow warning for wind, leading to about 70 flight cancellations and disruptions in trains and ferries, especially in Scotland. Sports matches are getting shuffled around like a deck of cards, with rugby games relocating faster than you can say “Storm Kathleen.”

Temperatures are expected to soar to 22C in eastern England, thanks to Kathleen’s southerly winds, but our friends in Ireland are getting the full force of the storm, with gusts reaching 70mph. P&O Ferries have called off services, and even rugby matches are changing venues to dodge Kathleen’s wrath.

But fear not, for Kathleen shall pass by Sunday evening, leaving behind memories of canceled plans and windswept hair. Ellie Glaisyer from the Met Office explains how Kathleen is not just a troublemaker but also a warm-hearted soul, bringing continental temperatures like a pro.

RAC Breakdown advises drivers to buckle up and stick to less exposed routes. So, hang onto your umbrellas, folks, and brace yourselves for Kathleen’s wild ride!

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