Sky-High Shenanigans: Ljubljana’s Soaring Routes

Sky-High Shenanigans: Ljubljana’s Soaring Routes

Buckle up, fellow travelers, because the skies above Ljubljana are buzzing with more action than a comedy club on open mic night! In a world where airline news typically involves delays, lost luggage, and the occasional rogue snack cart, the recent surge in passenger figures out of Ljubljana has left us all pleasantly surprised, if not slightly bewildered.

Let’s kick off our journey with the unexpected stars of the show: Warsaw and Hurghada. These destinations have seen growth so rapid, it’s almost as if their airplanes were fueled by pure enthusiasm. Reports suggest that Warsaw’s charm and Hurghada’s sunny shores have lured in travelers like moths to a particularly well-lit porch lamp. Some sources even claim that Warsaw’s LOT Polish Airlines has seen a 31% surge in passengers, proving once and for all that the allure of pierogi knows no bounds. As for Hurghada, well, it appears that nothing beats the appeal of sandy beaches and bottomless piña coladas, with passenger numbers soaring by almost 40%.

Meanwhile, Istanbul has emerged as the reigning champion of destinations, claiming the title of the busiest route out of Ljubljana. It seems that everyone’s eager to soak in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city, leaving even Frankfurt in their jetstream. If the combined number of travelers between London and Ljubljana were a currency, it would make Warren Buffet blush – and that’s saying something! However, it seems our beloved London routes are still nursing their post-pandemic hangovers, with passenger figures struggling to reach their former glory. Poor Stansted must be feeling particularly neglected, reminiscing about the days when it was the belle of the ball, attracting more passengers than a sale at a shoe store.

But fear not, dear readers, for Ljubljana’s skies are filled with more than just the distant echoes of “Mind the gap” and “Bitte einsteigen”. Swiss Airlines has been flexing its wings with impressive performances on the Zurich-Ljubljana route, outshining Adria Airways with the grace of a swan in flight. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the underdog can soar higher than the rest – or in this case, the under-Swiss. Air Serbia has also been making waves, with growth on its Belgrade service that would make even the most seasoned frequent flyer do a double take. And let’s not forget the introduction of the ATR72 turboprop aircraft on the Niš route – because who needs jet engines when you’ve got the power of propellers?

As for Lufthansa, well, it seems they’ve settled comfortably into the role of Slovenia’s second busiest carrier, like a co-pilot who’s content to let someone else handle the inflight announcements. With flights from both Frankfurt and Munich, they’ve been shuttling passengers to and from Ljubljana with the efficiency of a German-engineered clock. Yet, despite their best efforts, they still haven’t quite managed to reach the dizzying heights of Adria Airways’ glory days. Perhaps they need to invest in some magic beans or hire a flock of flying carpet salesmen to truly take off.

So there you have it, folks – a whirlwind tour of Ljubljana’s bustling skies, where every flight is a comedy of errors waiting to happen. Whether you’re jetting off to Warsaw for a pierogi pilgrimage or soaking up the sun in Hurghada, just remember to pack your sense of humor – because when it comes to air travel, laughter truly is the best inflight entertainment.


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