Paint Wars: Eco-Mob Gives GB News a Colourful Makeover!

Paint Wars: Eco-Mob Gives GB News a Colourful Makeover!

In a shocking turn of events, the front of GB News’s offices has been transformed into a canvas of protest art, courtesy of some very passionate individuals. An eclectic mix of paint, placards, and puppetry has turned the broadcaster’s facade into a statement piece that’s hard to miss.

Reports suggest that Extinction Rebellion (XR) campaigners, armed with purple paint and fervent determination, took matters into their own hands, demanding an end to what they perceive as a “torrent of climate lies and disinformation” emanating from GB News. In a theatrical display of dissent, protestors adorned the premises with messages urging the broadcaster to sever ties with fossil fuels, accompanied by eye-catching visuals, including a Pinocchio puppet in a Union Jack waistcoat—because what’s a protest without a touch of whimsy?

The chaos didn’t stop at paint and puppets; fire extinguishers were wielded to simulate the ominous presence of oil, while flares billowed black smoke into the air, creating a scene straight out of a dystopian drama. Even the faces of GB News presenters weren’t spared, as caricatures labeled with the word ‘Extremist’ circled the entrance, ensuring that no one could miss the message.

But XR’s mission didn’t end with a colorful spectacle; it extended to the realm of bureaucracy, with emails dispatched to GB News, government agencies, and even Lord Walney, the independent advisor on political violence and disruption. Urging an investigation into GB News’s broadcasting values, the eco-mob left no stone unturned in their quest for accountability.

And let’s not forget the target of their ire: Sir Paul Marshall, the investor with ties to the fossil fuel industry. His offices, along with GB News’s, bore the brunt of protest artistry, as fearless activists scaled buildings and sprayed paint with abandon.

As the paint settles and the smoke clears, one thing remains certain: GB News has been given a makeover it won’t soon forget. Will they address the concerns raised by this colourful protest, or will they remain silent amidst the cacophony of dissent? Only time will tell.


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