Navigating the Baksheesh Maze: A Hilarious Guide to Tipping in Hurghada

Navigating the Baksheesh Maze: A Hilarious Guide to Tipping in Hurghada

Ah, Hurghada! Land of sun-drenched beaches, dazzling coral reefs, and… a tipping culture that can leave you more confused than a camel lost in a sandstorm. Fear not, intrepid traveler! This guide will equip you with the knowledge (and a few laughs) to navigate the delightful dance of “baksheesh” (tipping) in Hurghada like a seasoned pharaoh.

Hotel Hospitality: From Pharaoh’s Service to Felucca Fun

Let’s start with your luxurious hotel. Picture this: you waltz into your room, greeted by sparkling floors and a strategically placed towel swan on your bed. That’s thanks to the tireless efforts of your housekeeper. A daily tip of 75-100 Egyptian pounds (EGP) is a thoughtful way to say “Shukran” (thank you) for their magic touch.

Luggage feeling like a lead sarcophagus? Don’t worry, the friendly porters will whisk it away for a small tip of 75 EGP per bag. Just remember to have some small change handy for a smooth check-in – fumbling for bills is less graceful than a belly dancer with two left feet.

The concierge at your hotel? Think of them as your personal genie in a bottle (minus the lamp). Exceptional service deserves a tip of 75-100 EGP. Basic requests like booking a cab or dinner reservations? A friendly smile will suffice.

Now, imagine pulling up to the hotel in your chariot (okay, maybe a rental car). The ever-attentive valet will retrieve your prized possession. A small tip of 75-100 EGP each time your chariot reappears is a nice way to show your appreciation.

Hitting the Road: Taxi Tales and Tipping Twists

Hailing a taxi in Hurghada? No problem! Longer journeys might warrant a 10% tip, especially if the driver heroically wrestled your luggage into the trunk. For shorter trips, locals often round up the fare to the nearest reasonable amount.

Remember, unlike Uber, taxi fares need negotiation before you embark on your adventure. Haggling skills honed in the marketplace will come in handy here!

Tipping Your Tour Guide: From Hieroglyph History to Baksheesh Bliss

Your tour guide can be the key to unlocking the secrets of Hurghada’s ancient wonders. A good guide deserves a tip of 10% – their knowledge is a treasure worth recognizing. This applies whether you’re on a private multi-day tour, a group excursion, or even a casual walking tour.

Exploring Hurghada on a “free tour”? Don’t be fooled! These guides often rely on tips as their primary income. So, if you learned more than you bargained for (and didn’t get lost in the desert!), leaving a tip is a great way to show your appreciation.

Some guides might even ask for a TripAdvisor review instead of a tip. This can help them earn commission and attract future tourists – a win-win situation!

Spa Serenity: A Massage and a Baksheesh

After a day of exploring, your muscles might be begging for mercy. A massage at a spa is the perfect antidote. Here’s the lowdown on tipping: budget 10-15% of the treatment price. So, for a 100 EGP massage, a 10 EGP tip shows you appreciate the average service. If the therapist worked magic on your knotted muscles, a 15 EGP tip is a way to say “Wow, that was divine!”

Baksheesh Bonus Tips:

  • Local Currency is King: Always tip in Egyptian pounds. Don’t leave your service providers with foreign bills they can’t easily exchange. Stock up on small change at the airport for taxi drivers and hotel porters.
  • Check the Bill: Some restaurants, hotels, and bars might already include a service charge. Double-check your bill before deciding on an additional tip.
  • Business Traveler Bonus: Tipping customs vary worldwide. Do your research before that business dinner to avoid awkward moments!

Never Get Swindled on Vacation Again: Your Handy Wallet-Sized Currency Converter for Egypt!

Ever been abroad and struggled to figure out how much that cool scarf actually costs in your home currency? We’ve all been there. This nifty little chart is here to save the day (and your wallet) on your Egyptian adventure!

How to Use This Cheat Sheet:

  1. Find the currency you’re currently holding (like US Dollars or Euros) on the left side.
  2. Look across the row to see the equivalent range in Egyptian Pounds (EGP). This will help you estimate prices quickly.
  3. Now you can confidently bargain at the market or avoid overpaying for souvenirs!

Quick Currency Conversion at a Glance:

Your CurrencyEgyptian Pounds (EGP) Equivalent
£159.94 EGP
£5299.70 EGP
£10599.40 EGP
€151.36 EGP
€5256.80 EGP
€10513.60 EGP
$147.40 EGP
$5237.00 EGP
$10474.00 EGP
Handy Currency Convertor


  • Exchange rates can fluctuate slightly, so use this as a general guide.
  • Always carry a mix of cash and credit cards for flexibility.
  • Tipping customs can vary, so ask your tour guide or hotel staff for advice.

With this cheat sheet tucked away in your wallet, you’re ready to navigate the wonderful world of Egyptian commerce like a seasoned pro! Now go forth, explore, and make some fabulous memories (without breaking the bank)!

The Final Verdict: You’re the Pharaoh!

Remember, these are just friendly guidelines. Tipping is ultimately at your discretion. Use your judgment and reward exceptional service. The staff in Hurghada often work hard for lower wages, so consider that before skipping the tip option on your payment terminal.

But hey, you’re on vacation! Relax, have fun, and navigate the world of baksheesh with confidence. Now get out there and explore the wonders of Hurghada – and don’t forget to leave a little piece of your travel spirit (and some EGP) behind!


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